During my last year of the library and information science Masters course, I undertook two research projects in areas of professional interest.

Exploring evidence sources used to inform library and information practice

This research focused on evidence based practice in library and information science. The purpose was to gain an understanding of the role of evidence in informing library and information practice by identifying the types of evidence used by Australian special librarians and explore influences associated with evidence use in daily practice. It is hoped that this research may contribute to a better understanding of evidence based practice in the LIS profession, raising awareness of the types of evidence used by practitioners.

Innovation in Australian archival institutions: a pilot study

This research sought to gain an insight into current trends and potential for innovation in publicly funded, Australian archival organisations, and explore influences associated with innovation implementation. Capturing a snapshot of current innovation efforts and capabilities, this research aimed to provide some understanding about the extent of innovation in these organisations as they respond to a constantly changing and complex environment. Evidence generated by this small scale study will hopefully ignite conversation and further research to assist publicly funded Australian archival institutions to further embrace innovation.