Writing and Speaking

Workshops and presentations

Home Grown: Engaging new LIS professionals to advance the profession
5 July 2017, CILIP Conference, Manchester UK
The purpose of this presentation was to take a whole-of-profession perspective to highlight the importance of engaging new LIS professionals in conversation to continue building our body of professional knowledge, as well as identify potential issues associated with new LIS professional involvement.

Untangling the professional development plan
23 July 2014, TAFE Library, Brisbane
Initially presented to the Queensland TAFE Library team, here I aimed to make some sense from the mystery around developing a personal, professional development plan. I shared my tips and learning from creating my own, including that a personal professional development plan needs to be flexible, yet informative enough to make good career decisions.

Australian special librarians using evidence in daily practice
18 June 2013, Research Applications in Information and Library Studies (RAILS) Seminar, Melbourne
This presentation shared preliminary findings from a research study that sought to identify types of evidence that are used (or not used) by Australian special librarians in daily professional practice. It also explored environmental factors and influences associated with using evidence in daily practice.

Building and managing your professional identity
9 February 2013, 6th New Librarians’ Symposium, Brisbane
With the participants, my co-facilitator and I discussed what is a ‘professional identity?’ and some of the drivers for being in the online space. Differing perspectives and experiences about being online fuelled a lively discussion and exchange of ideas. We stepped the participants through fine tuning their use of some professional networking tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Finally, the participants were introduced to the theory of connectivism and how it may provide vision for learning as a profession.

Conference papers and articles

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