1. Sally

    I use checklists all the time. They keep me sane (no need to remember) and keep me focused. I prefer paper checklists because when I ‘tick’ them it feels like I’m making progress. I don’t have the same feeling of satisfaction with online checklists/task manager.

    I use a 2B5 lecture book for daily and weekly checklists.
    Btw – do you happen to self-draw your ‘check boxes’? I do. lol.

    • For regular tasks and habits I’m wanting to develop, a paper checklist is definitely working for me too. For the same reason, I just don’t get the same satisfaction or see that I’m making progress with a online or electronic tool. A new approach to my task manager (I use ‘Things’ for projects and ad hoc tasks) is I don’t enter all the tasks necessary to complete a project all at once. Instead, I identify what the very next thing I need to do to move the project forward, two tasks ahead at a maximum. This way I have a sense (or more) of control and oddly enough, freedom. I hadn’t thought about drawing my own check boxes. My hand-written lists actually aren’t very neat. lol

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