1. Helen Treherne

    Thanks for sharing this great advice – it’s all about looking at the big picture to sort priorities.

  2. Alisa, you have read my mind again !! : )
    The part about just being able to “empty that task from your brain” particularly struck a chord. I am always looking for ways that address exactly what you have written about, and likewise Trello, etc have just not done the trick for me.
    After a friend looked at my outline for the day one day and said, that’s not a To Do list, that’s Goal Planing !!, I realised she had put her finger on it : )
    Thanks for causing me to take a moment to read and think about these things (yet again : )), and also for some good tips and tools to follow up (I have long been interested in how on earth those interactive Moleskin journals work !!).
    PS. You had me at “Day 6” as I know to listen to anyone who has been organised enough to make it to a blog nearly every day for six days, but you clinched it with “keeping organised” : )

    • acrystelle

      Thanks for reading, Cherie. The difference between goal planning (and projects) and a ‘to do’ list was made obvious to me when I read the book, ‘Getting Things Done’ (GTD). Goals and projects need to be broken down. For example, ‘write a literature review’ looks so daunting on a ‘to do’ list! Instead, the GTD method prompts ‘what’s the very next step?’ Suddenly things start to look achievable.

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